CHALONG: Plans for the second phase of construction of the Chalong Marina Project may be revised by the Marine Department’s Technical and Planning division after a bitter dispute with local residents and workers.

The first phase of construction of the controversial marina, which involves building 44 of the originally-planned 210 yacht slips, will be completed by September 30 at a cost of 70 million baht, said Kitipong Waksukri from the Marine Department.

Three different construction plans for Phase 2 were proposed at a public hearing at Muang Phuket School on June 5.

The 130 people who attended reacted coldly to the five-hour explanations of the plans, delivered by consulting engineers, with great choruses of approval erupting whenever someone attacked the proposals.

Concerns raised about the marina were that it will damage the environment, will not be able to accommodate large yachts and will not benefit small operators.

Phase 1 involves dredging a boat basin and the installation of navigation markers, freshwater tanks, plumbing, electricity, a fueling and water station, and a maintenance building.

With a budget of 300 million baht, Phase 2 was to include the construction of a building on the pier to house administration, immigration and customs services, an additional 166 yacht slips and two breakwaters that were to be made with large boulders.

At a meeting of Phuket Provincial Administration Organization (OrBorJor) members, representatives from the Marine Department and members of the public, K. Kitipong said that Phase 2 might be altered after the Marine Department, Golden Plan Co Ltd, Spectrum Co Ltd and STS Engineering Consultant Co Ltd presented the new designs to a management team from OrBorJor.

Possible revisions include the use of a floating breakwater after concerns were raised in the June 5 meeting about the effect a solid breakwater would have on soil erosion and silt build-up in Chalong Bay, said K. Kitipong.

The number of yacht slips has been proposed to be reduced to 100 and the wharfing could be moved south of the old quayside bridge at Chalong Bay to avoid disruption to boat traffic.

source reference : Phuketgazette Click to see more.

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