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Celebrating the onset of Phuket's 'high season', the busiest tourist season, this festival takes place at the island's most frequented beachfront area. Here you will be entertained by colourful street parades and can partake in beach volleyball or beach football competitions, a mini-marathon, various water-sport events and competitions as well as numerous other events and activities.

No matter what your age or passions, this carnival has something for everyone. From fashion shows (November 3), to gourmet feasts such as those held on 'Lobster Day' (on November 2) and special performances put on for the occasion at the likes of Phuket Fantasea and cabarets by Dave Freeman as well as the Simon Cabaret (daily).

And there's more…

Activities worth taking your camera to are the traditional Thai dancing shows and cultural performances, held by numerous Patong hotels and other seaside outlets in the area. There are music bands, from jazz to pop, plus international as well as local singers and orchestral performances.

Food lovers will delight in the numerous food stalls along the beach front road and souvenir fans are ensured of finding at least one treasure at the many stalls selling local crafts and products.

Each night, as the sun sleeps; the skies blossom when fireworks leap high into the night sky, their silvery trails dropping into the sea, beyond the beach. Huge paper balloons are set adrift and float aloft, joining the star-lit rockets in their race to no-where.

All up, the carnival is 3 day show, that can be added to the many 'not to be missed' events, held on the island this month.

Phuket Carnival at Patong 2007 is the annual three day three night festival that marks the beginning of the tourist season in Phuket, This year, the celebrated theme is “Art, Culture and Fun” represented by decorations, concerts and activities around Patong Beach area. Part of the festival is dedicated to the King in honor of his 80th birthday anniversary with exhibitions displaying royal activities and projects. People are encouraged to wear yellow for the opening ceremony in his honor. Activities in Phuket Carnival at Patong 2007 November 1st ,2007 at Loma (Dolphin) Park on Patong Beach 07.00 Giving Alms Ceremony at Loma (Dolphin) Park on Patong Beach 09.00 The opening ceremony of the 17th Scuba Project preserving Patong Coast opposite Patong Merlin Hotel

Source Reference : Phuket.com & Detail

This Year’s Races Held in Honor of His Majesty’s 80th Birthday

The 2007 Phuket King’s Cup Regatta is gearing up for another strong showing from the world’s racing community with high profile confirmations coming in and the list growing every day. This year’s event, from December 1 to 8, will be held to celebrate His Majesty the King of Thailand’s 80th Birthday. Another exciting year of races is expected.

Last year saw record turnout of over 100 boats and around 200 international and domestic media. Competition was strong and sporting, with a lot of old rivalries being retested for another year.

"We are expecting a strong racing class again this year with Hong Kong entries from Nick Burns and Fred Kinmonth sailing Mandrake, Sam Chang's TP52 Freefire, Frank Pong's Jelik, and Neil Pryde's re-designed Hi-Fi already confirmed. These will be joined by the newly launched DK46 from Port Dixon and South African Philipp Gutsche's new yacht, commissioned especially for this years event,” said Simon James, Phuket King’s Cup Regatta Race Management Director. Philipp Gutsche and his crew are known of course for winning the Mauritius to Durban race last year. He has also won the South Atlantic Race in the past.

"We have appointed Australian Race Officer Tony Denham of the Koh Samui and Sydney International Regatta to look after Racing Classes this year and hope to give them the best series yet,” he added.

In premier class Ian Nicholson's Intrigue returns, along with Hans Raimans Yasooda. Adding to the excitement, this year watch out for Bob Yapps new speed machine Yo Mo. In Sunsail One Christian Eshenburg and the teams from Germany return to challenge for the trophy after having won in 2005 only to lose it in last year’s races.

"There will also be a good spread of boats in both IRC and Multihull classes with leading charter companies Sunsail and Elite Yachting already full for this year’s event. Each year we try to add something new and keep it fresh for our returning competitors. This year’s race courses will include passage races, around-the-cans, Olympic trapezoids and courses taking boats around outlying islands. We have a number of race management personnel returning this year, after an absence last year, and I'm confident the standard of racing and on-water management will be very high," said James.

In IRC (TCC 1.013 and above) the Mumm 30s Panic and Happy Endings continue their battle, while Ben Copley's Asia Spirit and David Lindhal's La Samudra fight for the finish. In IRC (TCC 1.012 and below) Madam Butterfly returns to challenge the Royal Thai Navy. Also watch out for Phuket Yacht's Phoenix and Minx,” he said, while “IRC Cruising, with an IRC Hull factor of 7.3 or less is a new division added to provide more competitive racing for older and cruising designs,” James explained.

The SBR Sports class will see Scott Duncanson and the Phuket 8's defend their home waters against Japanese and Thai teams sailing the Platu 24's.

Bareboat Charter will see Keith Blankly and his team from Dubai returning to defend their trophy for the 3rd year on Sunsail Bintan.

Source Reference : Phuket-post

Feel the warmth of the sand beneath your feet as we tip-toe through some of Thailand's more secluded island retreats

delphine lignieres

I like many others, have always dreamt of stumbling across an undiscovered desert island where I could live a simple existence for a while, a hermit's life in paradise. No stressing phone calls, no emails, nothing. Just myself and the blazing sunshine, the powdery white sand and a sea clear enough to reveal all the aquatic life within it.

I have journeyed many times in Thailand and I could never have imagined that I would discover the island of my dreams in a country whose stunning beauty spots are becoming ever more crowded.

In fact, the southern coast of Thailand still offers discerning visitors a few tranquil hideaways and unique, secluded spa experiences. For aspiring Robinson Crusoes, seeking a little bit of luxury, the bountiful islands in Southwest Thailand offer hidden paradises and sumptuous spa retreats. And, not far from the well-trodden streets and shores of Phuket lie a few secret havens still waiting to be discovered. When you do though, just don't tell too many of your friends.


Evason Resort & Spa: One enters the world of the 70's-style redesigned Evason Resort & Spa through a bright tunnel, which opens up into a lush garden of tropical trees and flora. The secluded Resort offers its guests all the privacy they need to replenish and rejuvenate themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed lounging around under the shade of the trees lining my own private pool, which offered stunning views of the Andaman Sea. Five minutes boat ride away on Bon Island, guests can relax on their own private beach, where they can experience a range of treatments at the six senses spa and its private suite spa rooms. Coming soon, a meditation room and juice spa. (www.evasonphuket.com)

Amanpuri: Nestled in a generous coconut grove on the beach, the Amanpuri Resort will appeal to those seeking the utmost privacy. The exclusive Amanpuri villas come equipped with all the finest amenities seasoned travellers would expect from a self-styled home-away-from-home resort. Discreetly concealed amongst the lush foliage lie the private pavilions spa and its cheerful masseurs. It is there that guests can enjoy a range of treatments tailored individually to their needs. My individualised assessment was followed by a soothing meditation, body-limbering yoga session and a delicious herbal drink packed with vitamins and minerals, served to me on the fountain terrace, before I returned refreshed to my private villa and garden. (www.amanpuri.com)

Le Meridien Yacht Club Resort & Spa: Considered one of the world's finest luxury hotels and honeymoon resorts, the Meridien Yacht Club actually comes with a seal of approval - it received the Royal Seal in acknowledgement of its distinctive and sophisticated Royal Suites. The Yacht Club welcomed the first King's Cup Regatta in 1987, today one of Asia's premier yachting events, for the 60th HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej's birthday. On my visit, I spent some time at the recently opened Royal Spa and stayed in one of the Luxury Suites. Here guests can enjoy some of the best treatments available in this luxurious setting. The Royal Indulgence package comes highly recommended and promises to transport guest into a state of supreme well-being. (www.lemeridien.com)

Koh Samui

Tamarind Springs: Despite it becoming more popular - perhaps a little too popular for some people's tastes - Tamarind Springs is the best natural island spa on Koh Samui and still one of the most original. The blend of traditional Thai beach huts, rock-lined coconut groves and natural fall springs are all conducive to a natural rebalancing of mind, body and soul. Tamarinds Retreat shirks uniformity, instead giving each luxury villa its own unique design and feel. Guests can match their mood, be that at the shady and secluded Tamarind Suite, the Monika's Ocean View, the Japanese-style Pond House. For guests seeking a longer stay, the good news is, all the villas are available for long-term lease of anything up to 30 years. (www.tamarindretreat.com)

Pansea Samui Resort & Spa: This boutique-style hotel is located on the exclusive northern rim of Koh Samui. For sporting and outdoor enthusiasts, Pansea Samui Resort & Spa is conveniently located next to the island's first golf course and one of its most important marine national parks. There are only a few luxury cottages here, making this secluded village a perfect hideaway for those seeking both sporty and spiritual relief. Concealed by lines of palm & coconut trees along the beautiful beach of Maenam, guests can indulge themselves in a wide range of strictly personal traditional Thai treatments. (www.pansea.com)

Khao Lak / Similan Islands

Sofitel Magic Lagoon Resort and Spa Khao Lak: The sheer scale of this elegant resort will take your breath away. The Sofitel Magic Lagoon Resort only opened to the public on May 1, and is the nearest gateway to the 51 secret Similan Islands, and some of the most spectacular coral reefs in Thailand. Guests can easily lose themselves here in the many different landscapes of this resort, as they can in the biggest lagoon-style swimming pool in the world. The Spa Khao Lak offers a relaxing and a rich environment for guests to cultivate mind, body and soul. The luxurious Spa and Fitness Centre features special VIP treatment rooms, its own pool and hidden courtyard, where guests can relax breathing in the delicious aromas of lemongrass and cardamom. (www.accorhotels-asia.com)

Koh Racha

The Racha: Thirty-minute boat ride from Phuket lies one of Thailand's best kept secret destinations, The Racha. This wonderful, quiet private shelter once belonged to the famous Sanctuary Resorts. The design is distinctly minimalist and refined, the private sea view villas the utmost in luxury, and the seductive courtyard offers some of the best views of the Andaman I have ever seen. Coming soon is The Racha special treatment Spa, which is to be set up in the same image of this haven of peace. All of this within a couple of steps from the new diving school. (www.sanctuaryresorts.com/racha)

Koh Lanta

Pimalai Resort & Spa: Tucked away among the trees, Pimalai Resort & Spa inspires calm and serenity. Guests can indulge themselves with many body-pampering, soul-enriching, reinvigorating spa experiences in one of the seven dedicated treatment huts. The "salas" offer some of the finest traditions in Thai healing massage as well as a wonderful insight into the local culture. All of the private villas are set within landscaped gardens. (www.pimalai.com)

Sri Lanta Resort & Spa: The Sri Lanta Resort & Spa offers a break in a sober but charming setting, complete with a range of elegant wooden and straw huts set on the otherwise untouched beach. Following ancient Feng Shui wisdom, the Sri Lanta Resort & Spa has prioritised atmosphere over luxury, preffering to focus on enhancing the natural positive energy for its guests. This Island is undoubtedly one of the best kept secrets in Asia. The open-area Spa combines traditional Thai treatments with water and earth natural therapies to offer a range of individualised treatments. (www.srilanta.com)

Koh yao

Koa Yao Island Resort: Koh Yao consists of two main islands, Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai and is located in Phna Ngan Bay to the east of Phuket. Mainly comprising of rocks and forest, this natural hideaway is endowed with unspoilt virgin coral reefs and beautiful pristine beaches. The exclusive villas of Koayao Island resort border lush tropical gardens which cover an area of over 514 square metres. The outdoor spa prides itself on using strictly natural herbal treatments in all of its therapies, offering visitors all of the amenities they would naturally expect for a complete yet simple regeneration. (www.koyao.com)


Its roots lying in the Indian subcontinent, Thai Massage is considered to be one of the most complete experiences for the enhancement of the body and soul. The ancestral art of Thai massage not only stems from Indian Ayurvedic medicine but also shares many features with Yoga and Shiatsu.

Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha is believed to be the legendary originator of this art. He was a famous doctor originating from Northern India and a contemporary of Buddha, over 2,500 years ago. The natural healing techniques that inspired Thai Massage presumably attained the Ancient Kingdom of Siam at the same time as Buddhism in the 3rd or 2nd century BC. Since then, this tradition has been carefully passed on orally from master to student in temples (and in recent times, the teaching has been extended in a few Thai Massage schools) to preserve all the skills of one of the most famous Thai cultural heritages.

Far away from a simple kneading of muscles, Thai Massage mainly works on energy lines of the body, called "Sen". The massage aims to release your energetic potential through a methodical approach to the body. Starting at the feet and progressing up to the head, the masseur exerts pressure on the Meridians with their palms, thumbs, elbows and feet to release the stress energy and blocks. This practice is a deeply relaxing experience helping to prevent the build up of stress in our daily lives and to enhance the physical and emotional aspects of the body and soul.

Thai Massage is performed on a mat or on the floor to enhance the balancing weight and pressure of the practitioner and to give the massage the most intensity and strength. Enhanced by stretching movements, Thai massage also attempts to increase flexibility of the body.

Before the start of a session, a consultation will be performed by the practitioner to assess the client-specific needs. A Thai massage session should last between 90 minutes and 3 hours.

No oils or lotions are used during the massage and the best option for maximum enjoyment is to wear loose fitting clothing and relax. Melt under the pressure of your agile masseur, try to liberate your mind and let him lead you on the way of enlightenment. A perfect session should ending with a perfect detoxification of the body, an elevation of the soul and a tremendous feeling of full re-energisation for both the giver and the receiver.

Source Reference : Asiaspa.com

Gin je mai (Are you eating vegetarian?), is the latest strain on the streets of Phuket. The Phuket vegetarian festival which officially started on 11 October, has taken over the island. Preparations for the festival began days before the official opening, with some stall owners having begun to sell their vegan goodies a day or two before.

Now that the festival is officially underway, Thai people from all walks of life are thronging the streets, to enjoy the festivities and partake of the special foods on offer. Dressed in white to symbolize purity, the followers of the regimen will abstain from meat and animal by-products as well as alcohol and sex for the nine days (Oct 11-19).

Local residents of Chinese ancestry follow this regimen strictly, and believe that this will bring them good fortune, as well as cleanse their minds and souls of impurities.

Participating shrines will organize street processions, the first of which will be on Saturday, 13 Oct. The procession will culminate at Saphan Hin at around 8am, after making its way through the city and a huge crowd of followers is expected to greet it at the final point.

“Ma Song” will also participate in other activities associated with the festival, such as walking barefoot over burning hot coals and piercing their faces with objects of varying sizes. The activities are all meant to be for spirit cleansing and merit-making purposes.

Source Reference : Phuket Post.com

Thousands gather at Jui Tui shrine in Phuket City for the pole raising ceremony before the Vegetarian Festival.

PHUKET CITY: Thousands of people gathered at Chinese shrines around Phuket today to participate in pole-raising ceremonies before for the Vegetarian Festival, which starts in earnest tomorrow.

Permanent Secretary for Interior Pongpayom Wasaputi joined the crowds dressed in white at Jui Tui shrine to place squares of gold leaf on the bamboo poles before they were raised at the auspicious time of 5.09 pm.

The poles are said to join the physical and spiritual world, allowing the various spirits to descend to Phuket, where their presence will be evidenced by the 2,000-odd mah song, or “mediums”, during the festival.

Traffic will be disrupted during the festival from October 11 to 19 due to road closures for processions and the many vegetarian food stalls lining the streets as part of the festivities.

Source Reference : phuketgazette.com

31 October - 4 November 2007Karon Beach, Phuket

PHUKET 2007 - After staging women’s FIVB Challenger/Satellite events in Pattaya (2001), Bangkok (2005) and Phuket (2005), followed by its first World Tour stop last year, Thailand continues its tradition in 2007 with the final stop on the women's calendar. The 2005 Phuket stop served as a prelude to the 2006 season-finale where the competition was part of the Andaman Festival to mark the first anniversary of the Tsunami of 2004. Jennifer Kessy and Heather Lowe won the 2001 Pattaya events for the United States while China’s Linjun Ji and Whenhui You captured the Bangkok stop. Lijun Ji was 18 years old when she won the event to become the youngest player ever to win “any” international Beach Volleyball event. Eiko Koizumi and Shinako Tanaka captured Japan’s first-ever international Beach Volleyball gold medal by winning the 2005 Phuket event. At the 2006 event, China's teams rounded off a strong season with a 1-2 sweep by Xue/Zhang Xi and Tian Jia Wang, who finished third and second respectively in the final season ranking.

source Reference : www.fivb.org

PHUKET CITY: Traffic Police have co-ordinated with representatives from the nine major Chinese shrines in Phuket City that will stage parades during the upcoming Vegetarian Festival, to be held from October 11 to 19, in order to announce the parade routes for each shrine.

Lt Col Theerawat Liamsuwan explained that the nine major shrines staging parades are:

- Kuan Te Kun Shrine (Sapam Shrine),

- Lhim Hoo Tai Soo Shrine (Samkong Shrine)

- Jang Ong Shrine

- Tah Reua Shrine

- Tao Bo Kee Ong Shrine (Bang Neow Shrine)

- Jui Tui Shrine

- Laitu Tao Boh Geng Shrine (Kathu Shrine)

- Yok Ke Keng Shrine (Soi Panieng Shrine)

- Sui Boon Tong Shrine (Lor Rong Shrine).

“The parades are very popular to locals and tourists, but they cause traffic jams as the streets are closed to allow the processions to pass,” he said.

The parades are scheduled as follows: Read more

source Reference : phuketgazette.com

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