According to news accounts, Bill Gates and his wife had a one of their best holidays ever, last month, on a 54 metre yacht, off the coast of Phuket. Gates loved it there so much that he was inspired to construct a multi-million dollar man-made island off the resort. Gates is not alone.My son, who is completing his studies at Prince Songkla University,Phuket campus, has no plans to come back home. He lovesPhuket!!! Me, too. What inspired Bill Gates and my son also inspires me. I went to Phuket about 8 times in the last 4 years. I can tell you that the city has dramatically changed – beautiful new buildings, new supermarkets, seaview villas, hillside resorts are sprouting all over Phuket Island. If you've dreamed of owning an island home Phuket is the place to make your dreams a reality. Phuket calls to everybody.

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