Koh Nangyuan is a perfect place to unwind from the vigours of traveling. It is a unique place, three “Virgin Islands” connected by a white stretch of beach and fringed by reefs. It is breathtaking and a joy to experience. There is no traffic and hustle and bustle. Koh Nangyuan is tranquil and peaceful.There are other activities besides diving, either you can enjoy lazy days on the beach, snorkeling and sea kayaking or take a walk up to Mountain View where there are spectacular views and is especially beautiful during sunset.Accommodation caters to all tastes and budgets. Bungalows blend into the natural environment either nestled into the lush vegetation or along the beach. If you take the plunge and come diving with us we can offer further discounts on your accommodation.The cheapest option is the F bungalows which are the dive bungalows. They are simple and clean with a Fan, Fridge, T.V. and VCD and a magical view onto Japanese Gardens. The cost is 400 baht per night including a buffet breakfast for two people.If you would like to upgrade to standard air conditioning we can offer a 20% discount during high season or 40% in the low season. And the L, K9, Q and B bungalows a 10% discount all year.


For already certified divers we have an exotic mosaic of dive sites for you.Our friendly dive staffs offer 5 dives a day. Also if you do 2 fun dives a day we can offer you a discounted rate on your accommodation.For those who have not dived for a while we recommend to do a Scuba Review first just to refresh your knowledge and skills. The cost is 2,000 baht. We go over dive theory to reinforce the safety aspects as well as to refresh how to use the dive tables. Then we take you into Japanese Gardens and do some dive skills with you and then go for a dive. This is highly recommended if you have not dived for over 6 months it just reestablishes your confidence and safety.

Morning Dive is at 8:30 a.m. We meet at the dive shop at 7:45 a.m. and go out on our dive boat. We get back at 12:00 p m.

Afternoon Dive is at 1:00 p.m. they are Beach Dives.

Night Dive is at 6:30 p.m. for the more adventurous.

The cost of the dives includes all your Equipment and Dive Leaders.

1 Dive 1,000 baht

2-5 Dives 900 baht

6-9 Dives 800 baht

10+ Dives 700 baht

We also offer beach dive without a guide for 700 baht. If you have a full set of equipment you get a 15% discount. These are set prices for the Koh Tao region, all dive shops must comply with these set dive prices. see Nangyuan Resort Room Rate for 2007

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