Koh Bon, The Perforated IslandDespite the reputation of the the Similans, some pros argue that for sheer excitement, you can't beat Koh Bon. Divers to this small island 20 kilometers north of the largest Similan should, as they negotiate the vertical walls, be prepared for close encounters with leopard sharks. Here the corals come in unique rich hues; blue, yellow and turquoise. Koh Bon is also renowned for its high number of manta rays, especially at the end of the season in April and May. A further 25 kilometers north of Koh Bon is Koh Tachai, with a stunning pristine beach straight out of fairytale imaginations. Koh Tachai is famous for its large sea creatures. Divers and snorkellers can expect to see whale sharks, leopard sharks and nurse sharks, as well as rays and hawksbill turtles. The waters around the island are teeming with all kinds of tropical fish and coral.

How to get there
By boat from Phuket with regular sailings provided by numerous tour and dive operators. One-day excursion and longer tours are available. Tours last from five to 14 days. The longer tours for divers usually include Mu Koh Surin National Park and the much distant Myanmar hanks.

Best time to visit
December to April is the main tourist season with good weather.• Island cruising is best between November and April. Great care should be taken in anchoring onlv on a sandy beach bottom to avoid coral damage.

Koh Bon, The Perforated Island Accommodation
Simple bungalows on Koh Miang. Camping is permitted. Advance booking is necessary at the National Parks Division in Bangkok, tel: (662) 579-4842, 57.9-5269, 579-0529.

Koh Bon, The Perforated Island There are also a number of live-aboard provided by tour operators. These range from converted fishing boats with only basic facilities to luxury cruisers.

Koh Bon, The Perforated Island

On Koh Miang, there are visitor and information center, restaurant, toilets and showers, telephone and longtail boat service.

(source : www.bab.com.ar)
Koh Bon is one of the better places to see manta rays, especially towards the end of the season when there is more plankton in the water.

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