Have you ever wondered how you could make a really unique wedding day? Let me tell you how to have a really unique wedding and document it with the type of photography found in prestigious magazines, such as National Geographic, photography that captures all the emotion of your special day.

For the happiest day of your life and an exotic honeymoon that you will cherish forever have an Aquatic Wedding in Thailand. For decades these "underwater weddings" have been arranged in Trang Province at Koh Kradan, on the west coast of Thailand. Aquatic Weddings are held, romantically enough, only on February 14th, St.Valentines day, and take place each year. The ceremony has gain world-wide recognition and has even been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Go to Trang and make your wedding a special day, a truly unforgettable celebration of your love for each other in a brief bubble-blowing ceremony which culminates in the exchange of vows, ring and kisses, amidst the coral wonder of Andaman sea with only a school of fish to witness you to say "I do".

For Detail : http://www.underwaterwedding.com/index.php?lan=en

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