Everybody loves parties. Whether family birthday parties, high school graduation parties or just a wild night at a concert, whether you organized it or merely joined in, you love a party.

One of the greatest party ever was held back in the 60's and took place on a large dairy farm in New York, USA. It was the legendary Woodstock music festival, where thousands upon thousands of young counter-culture people came together and partied for several days to the joyful sounds of the world's very best rock bands.
Here, in Thailand, as I''ve told you before, on the train headed south to Kantang, 80% of the passengers are tourists headed to Koh Pangan and Koh Samui, the heaven of party lovers. Many of these revelers spend weeks on the beaches there, waiting for the great "Fullmoon Party". Combine all the parties you've had, even including Woodstock festival, and you will fall short of the joy and excitement of a "Fullmoon party" on the beaches in Koh Pagnan, Thailand.

On a fullmoon night you may seen thousands of young people flock to the party. As many as 20,000 party-goers are expected each month.The party starts with a bon fire on the beach, accompanied by fire and music from loads of DJs'. Just dance to the music that blasts the area of beach where you are.

You don't like the music there? Move on a bit and you'll find the right vibrations for you. There are so many different types of music to choose from. You may glow-in-the-dark, if you chose to have your body painted.

And you can keep dancing all night. Like all those before you, you will have wonderful memories of those beach parties, memories that will urge you yearn to return.If you have a chance, even just once in your lifetime, join them!!!

Picture : http://www.fullmoon-party.com/

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