Adventurous travelers, please pay attention. I know that as a person who enjoys diving, you certainly have basic skills that include how to prepare yourselves for the dive, and know many tools and hand signs and signals that are all necessary for communicating with your buddy. But do you know that one thing that you shouldn’t do right away after diving is taking an air trip?

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There is a recommendation that you should take a rest about 12 hours before getting on an airplane; however, up to 18 hours is also suggested by some sources.

The best way is to take a rest as much as possible before traveling by plane to give your body some time for adapting to environment because you get large amount of nitrogen when you dive. The diving program for your next trip should be about 2 days before the fight back home and it will be both happy and healthy trip for you.

source Reference : The Official Airports of Thailand magazine.

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