30 International Diving Couples Celebrate Traditional Wedding Ceremonies Under the theme, ‘Love &Harmony in Us All'

Mr.Salil Tohtubtiang, President of the Trang Chamber of Commerce in association with Mr. Sompong Anuyuthpong, The Governor of Trang, host the press conference of the 13th Anniversary of Trang Underwater Wedding-Love &Harmony in Us All at Central World (3rd Floor, Eden Zone) on 27th January 2009. The press conference is attended by Mr.Surin Tohtubtiang, Honorary Permanent Chairman of the Trang Chamber of Commerce. The actual event will be delicately held at Pakmeng Beach, Sikao District, Trang Province on 13 -15 February 2009 to celebrate the romantic occasion of Valentine's festival and to make the province world-famous as 'Trang – The City of Love'

Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony is widely known amongst diving couples and tourists throughout the world as an annual event romantically organized on Valentine's Day. Bridal couples participate in a Thai Traditional wedding ceremony and perform marriage registration underneath the turquoise Andaman Sea. This coming 13th Anniversary of Trang Underwater Wedding is under the theme of, 'Love & Harmony in Us All' which signifies the love among us and the harmony with our surroundings. The bridal couple will also be participating in eco-friendly activities, for instance, releasing 'Corallimorphs', a colorful coral and planting the trees of love in a botanical garden. Corallimorphs reproduces very quickly in nature and benefits the eco-system by acting as a nursery for young sea creatures, such as shrimps, crabs and corals.

The 13th Trang Underwater Wedding graciously receives support from numerous governmental and private organizations; The Tourism Authority of Thailand, The Government Lottery Office, PTT PCL, Thai Airways International PCL, Nok Air Co.,Ltd , True Vision UBC PCL, Pacific Internet (Thailand) Co.,Ltd, Marriage Studio Co.,Ltd, Central Pattana Co.,Ltd, Kuang Pei San Food Product PCL, Thumrin Group of Hotels Co.,Ltd, and Trang Travel and Amazing Travel Co.,Ltd.

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