Know about Thailand before you plan to visit it. There are plenty of things that you must care to know for your own benefit. It will definitely make your trip more comfortable!
Here is some information that will help you with your trip.

You are required to have a valid passport for entering Thailand.

No need to fuss about the currency. The Thai currency is either Baht or Satang and you can easily exchange them with foreign currencies in all Thai hotels and banks.

Thailand is a hot tropical country and its better if you wear comfortable cotton clothes.

Tipping is a custom in Thailand.

Most government offices in Thailand are open from 8.30am to 4.30pm. However, you can exchange currencies in banks from 7am to 9pm.

It is best to visit Thailand between the months of November and February. The weather is pleasantly cool in most of the regions during this time.

Know something about he Thai culture so that you don't find yourself in an awkward and unpleasant situation. Don't fumble when a thai greets you by saying "wai". It's their way to greet and respect strangers. "Wai" them back!
The other thing to know about Thailand is that the Thais are very sensitive about their monarch. Any disrespectful action or word regarding the king or queen of Thailand may get you into disputes with the locals.

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Just wanted to add some stuff to your blog

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