Phuket prime Chinese festival will be held on Sep 29- Oct 7, 2008. It’s an annual event during the ninth lunar month of Chinese calendar. The colorful festival take time for a nine day period that attracts not only Chinese –Thais. Traveler from over the world come to celebrate, enjoy delicious vegetarian diet, make merit and excited with the unbelievable Ma Song (medium) such as climbing an eight-meter ladder with bladed rungs while in trance, hundreds of local residents running across a bed of burning coals, piercing all sorts of skewers and knives through their body parts that everyone seemed shocked at this. Well, looks can be deceiving your eyes and…oh…you’d better keep your camera handy!
I have to say, as a long time resident of Phuket. The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is something not to be missed as according to the Phuket Gazette, 23rd Oct 2007, the San Francisco-based Veg News magazine voted Phuket (during the festival) as one of the “10 Best Veg Destinations in the world” in its third annual awards. You’ll see that it’s a real buzz, full of life, full of noise, colorful parades and full of magic….that you can’t believe it’s really happening, but it’s a very real.
Hope to see you in Phuket.

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