For travellers in pursuit of relaxing health holidays, Thailand is a unique wellness destination featuring dozens of first-class spas and wellness retreats that offer a vast range of pampering, beauty and body treatments stemming from age-old health and beauty traditions from around Asia and beyond.

Visitors to Thailand can experience a plethora of unusual spa treatments derived from ancient traditions in Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, China, India and elsewhere. Nowhere else can such a depth and range of choices be found in a one-stop health and beauty destination. The following is a small sampling of some of the fascinating Asian spa and wellbeing treatments available in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

Thai Healing Traditions

Herbal lore and monastic healing techniques are key elements in Thailand’s longstanding health and beauty practices. They include traditional Thai massage, Thai herbal steam, herbal baths and warm herbal compresses. These treatments use indigenous herbs and herbal formulas that have been handed down the centuries through generations of Thai women.

In Thailand, spa-goers can also experience Tibetan hot stone massage, Chinese abdominal massage, Indian Ayurvedic oil massage, Japanese shiatsu, and many more — sometimes within the same spa.

Timeless Beauty Secrets
Thai healing traditions, Thanaka Burmese beauty bark, Dead Sea secrets, Royal Indonesian Beauty Rituals and more...
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