PHUKET CITY: Traffic Police have co-ordinated with representatives from the nine major Chinese shrines in Phuket City that will stage parades during the upcoming Vegetarian Festival, to be held from October 11 to 19, in order to announce the parade routes for each shrine.

Lt Col Theerawat Liamsuwan explained that the nine major shrines staging parades are:

- Kuan Te Kun Shrine (Sapam Shrine),

- Lhim Hoo Tai Soo Shrine (Samkong Shrine)

- Jang Ong Shrine

- Tah Reua Shrine

- Tao Bo Kee Ong Shrine (Bang Neow Shrine)

- Jui Tui Shrine

- Laitu Tao Boh Geng Shrine (Kathu Shrine)

- Yok Ke Keng Shrine (Soi Panieng Shrine)

- Sui Boon Tong Shrine (Lor Rong Shrine).

“The parades are very popular to locals and tourists, but they cause traffic jams as the streets are closed to allow the processions to pass,” he said.

The parades are scheduled as follows: Read more

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