Richelieu Rock Reef Basics:

Richelieu Rock , Mu Koh Surin Great for: Large animals, small animals, underwater photography, dive value-for-money and advanced divers
Not so Great for:
Wrecks, beginner divers, snorkelling, non-diving activities
5 - 35m
15 - 35m
Can be strong
Surface Conditions:
Can be rough
Water Temperature:
26 - 29°C
Experience Level:
Intermediate - advanced
Number of dive sites:
Diving Season:
November to April
~200 km north of Phuket (10 hours), 80 km northwest of Khao Lak (4 hours, or 2 hours by speed boat)
Thailand liveaboards and Khao Lak diving day trips

Recommended length of stay:
2 days

Richelieu Rock This horseshoe shaped rock located near the Surin Islands in the Andaman Sea, is considered by many to be the best dive site in Thailand. Discovered by diving pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau with the aide of local fishermen, it now attracts divers from all over the world due to the sheer variety of marine life that can be seen here.

Richelieu Rock , Mu Koh Surin Richelieu Rock , Mu Koh Surin Richelieu Rock , Mu Koh Surin Richelieu Rock rates as one of the best places in the world to dive with whale sharks and is easily the best site in Thailand diving for this amazing activity. It's not the only Thailand dive destination where whale sharks are seen but Richelieu Rock certainly attracts more than its fair share. Schooling Chevron Barracuda, numerous types of Moray Eels, abundant LionFish and Scorpion Fish. 5 types of Anemone Fish, Juvenile Emperor Angel Fish, Sea Horses, Ornate Ghost PipeFish and Harlequin Shrimps can all be found. This site is also a prime location for sighting Whalesharks, occasional Manta Rays and ShovelNose Rays.

Oxycirrhites typus - Longnose Hawkfish (Richelieu Rock)Lysmata Amboinensis - White-banded cleaner shrimp (Richelieu Rock) Swimming with such a large animal, known to grow to fourteen metres in length, is a never to be forgotten experience for any diver. Sightings occur about 10% of the time. Some dive seasons see more visitors than others and generally February to April is the best time for a visit if your aim is to enjoy the exhilaration of swimming with these massive creatures onboard liveaboards in Thailand.

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