Wonderful coral reef & the Sea GypsiesOff the coast of Khuraburi District in Phang Nga province is a group of islands by the name of Surin. Hence, Mu Koh Surin National Park, This locale is blessed with marine-life and is home to whale sharks. The park consists of 5 main islands are

Koh Surin Neua, Koh Surin Tai, Koh Ri (Koh Stork), Koh Kai (Koh Torinia), and Koh Klang (Koh Pachumba).

The two large islands, Surin Neua and Surin Tai (which mean, respectively, north and south) have ten bays in which coral gardens are found.

The best known are: This group of five islands close to the marine boundary between Burma and Thailand in Kuraburi has so far been little visited because of its distance from the coast and the absence of any commercial activity or permanent population other than Sea Gipsies on the islands, all of which are a protected area.

Also, the area huge rock formations emerging from the Sea - namely Hin Phae, Hin Kong and Hin Richelio. The latter offers a place for deep sea diving where divers can savour and may enjoy meeting the gentle host of the sea - the Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus) which frequents this territory in March - May

Wonderful coral reef & the Sea GypsiesScuba gear is by no means necessary to get a good look at the reefs, a mere smorkel and mask is sufficient, making this a perfect destination for those who would like to have the experience of diving but haven't time for a scuba course. Accommodations at the National Park are spartan, but the modest inconvenience of roughing it will be amply rewarded by the experience supplied.

Wonderful coral reef & the Sea Gypsies
Wonderful coral reef & the Sea GypsiesAo Mae Yai : The largest, with still waters and peaceful breezes.

Wonderful coral reef & the Sea GypsiesAo Luk : which is on the outheast shore of Koh Surin Neua. Luk means deep, and this bay is so deep the water turns a dark green. In the shallows of the bay, however, are some impressive corals.

Wonderful coral reef & the Sea GypsiesThe Singh (or Lion) tribe of Chao Lay (Sea Gypsies) have a settlement on Koh Surin Tai. These nomadic sea people continue in this modern age a very primitive way of life; time, for example, appears to be a vague concept as none of them knows his own age, nor can count beyond the digits on his fingers. On the other hand, they are quite skilled in their own ways, able to hew an ocean-going boat using only the most basic tools, catch fish by hand, and are famous for their talents as deep divers without benefit of scuba tanks. On the fifteenth night of the third lunear month they perform a religious rite similar to the Thai festival of Loy Krathong, a propitiation ceremony in which small models of the larger Chao alay craft are set adrift on the waves.
Wonderful coral reef & the Sea Gypsies
Wonderful coral reef & the Sea Gypsies

Wonderful coral reef & the Sea GypsiesAccessibility :
- From Kuraburi Pier, Ban Hin Lahd. To reach Ban Hin Lahd, take the road (located at km. 110 on the Ranong-Takua Pa Highway) which splits from the main road at Ban Hin Lahd School. Travel onward to the pier about 1 km. After embarking, travel to the islands takes 4-5 hours.
- From Tap Lamu Pier in Tai Meuang District. Travel time is 4-5 hours.
- From Kaper Pier in Ranong Province, or contact the Janson Tara Hotel which has boats leaving from Chan Damri Beach for trips to the Surins.

source Reference : National Parks of Thailand
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