Thailand has some of the world's most incredible beaches. Whether you're in the Andaman Sea on Thailand's Indian Ocean coast or the South China Sea on the Pacific side of Thailand, opportunities abound to play in the sand, snorkel, swim, dive and sun bathe (perhaps in the buff in a few locations). There are other things to do in Thailand, but the country's beaches are a huge attraction for foreign tourists.

1. Phuket: Pearl of the Andaman
Thailand's most popular beach destination. The island includes several nice beaches and access to small nearby islands. Patong Beach is the most popular beach on the island. Kata Noi and Kata Yai sit next to each other near the town of Karon on Phuket. There are a number of other beaches. The island also has golf courses and a great nightlife.

2. The Phi Phi Islands
In Krabi Province, south of Phuket and west of the town of Krabi in the Andaman Sea, the two main islands of this cluster are beautiful examples of tropical paradises. Leonardo DiCaprio's movie "The Beach" was filmed here. The islands have been restored since the 2004 tsunami all but destroyed them. There are some excellent beaches, great snorkeling, a pretty good nightlife, and 1500 hotels rooms.

3. Rai Le Beach
Located in Krabi Province, this beach is divided in to East Rai Le and West Rai Le beaches. East Rai Le includes an area of mangroves and mud flats. West Rai Le is the more popular tourist destination. It is a marvelous sandy beach and includes some areas where rock wall climbing is popular. (A note on spelling: I've seen this romanized a vatiety of ways - Railay Beach, Railey Beach, Riley Beach; it's all the same beach...)

4. Koh Samui
Thailand's third largest island and is among the country's most popular destinations. About half a million visitors each year come to Koh Samui. And with good reason: the long, white sand beaches and vibrant nightlife make it worth the trip.

5. Koh Lanta
Off the coast of Krabi, this is one of Thailand's least developed beach destination. There are almost two dozen pristine beaches. Basic accommodation of the island is cheap and easily available. You can find jet skis or go parasailing if you want. But peace and quiet are among the main attractions to this beach destination.

6. Hua Hin
Hua Hin was the first of Thailand's beach resort towns. In the 1920's King Rama VI brought the royal family here to escape the heat of Bangkok. When compared to the country's other resort destination, Hua Hin is described as "unspectacular and undistinguished" by one travel guide. But that could be another way of saying "family-friendly" or "relaxing." The beach is not an excuse for other attractions; Hua Hin's three miles of sea front is the attraction.
( King Rama VI liked the place so much that he built a summer palace called Phra Ratchaiwet Marukhathayawan, which is now a tourist spot.)

7. Koh Pha Ngan (Phangan)
Some excellent beaches exist on this island, but the main attraction to Koh Phangan is the monthly Full Moon Party that draws between seven thousand and ten thousand participants each month. The parties run dusk-to-dawn and including music and dancing, jugglers and fire-eaters, alcohol and (of course) swimming. The parties have been taking place every full moon now for about 10 years.

8. Koh Samet
In Rayong Province takes. It about two and a half hours to get to Koh Samet by bus from Bangkok. Then you have a ferry ride that lasts another 30 to 45 minutes. The trip is worth it. The tiny island some four miles off the coast is relatively untouched by development and is home to some of the most beautiful fine white sand beaches in all of Asia.

9. Pattaya
A nice beach, but the attraction really is that Pattaya has some of the best (meaning rauchiest) nightlife in Thailand. Walking Street is filled with go-go bars and clubs.

10. Koh Si Chang
Fairly close to Bangkok, the island has some pretty beaches. There is also an old summer palace that King Chulalongkorn used to take the family to, but if has been abandoned since 1893.

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