The Thai people are very friendly and courteous, there is none of the harassment holiday makers often seem to encounter in some other countries.

Basic facilities such as places to buy fruit, vegetables, fuel and water are found in many places. Also cheap beach restaurants, nevertheless serving mouthwatering dishes can be found on many of the islands.

Phuket, the only developed island on the coast has excellent nightlife, shops, markets, restaurants and, if you like, marina facilities.

Thailand's cruising grounds cater to all tastes

To the SW of our base Phuket you find open water with a few dotted islands such as Ko Racha and Ko Rok Nok. In the SW monsoon sailing can be quite exhilarating here, In the NE monsoon there is usually a steady moderate breeze.

To the South of Phuket there is a 100 nautical miles string of inshore islands, stretching from Ko Phi Phi to the Malaysian border. They offer tranquility and many opportunities for exploring. Highlights are Ko Muk with a fabulous inland lagoon, Ko Petra with spectacular limestone formations and Ko Tarutao, a former pirate’s nest boasting a large formation of caves.

East and S.East of Phuket Island, the fabulous Phang Nga Bay, Krabi and PhiPhi, together form an area of about 500 square miles. It has sheltered sailing in all seasons. The entire area is dotted with grotesque lime stone formations, honeycombed with caves and fringed by mangrove forests. Three major rivers plus a couple of smaller ones flow in the Phang Nga Bay.

This is very much catamaran country: one could cruise here for many months exploring the creeks, going up the rivers and visiting monasteries in caves. A typical feature are the hongs, high limestone islands which have collapsed in the middle leaving a landlocked lagoon. Several of these lagoons are accessible by dinghy at low tide via a cave. Further attractions are Rai Leh Beach, said to be one of the most beautiful in the world and the well known Phi Phi Islands offering gorgeous surroundings as well as great nightlife.

North and North West of Phuket one finds the off shore Similan- and Surin Islands, the latter close to the Burmese border. They offer the best diving and snorkeling in Thailand.

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