Dr.Torn Tumrongnawasawat, Marine Biologist of Kasetsart University, Advisor to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Advisor to the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, is known as a guru of the Thai sea. From his data, Thailand's coastal areas cover 428,000 square kilometers.

There are 900 islands, 90,000 rai of coral reff areas, 750,000 rai of mangrove forests, and 2,000 kilometers of coastal length. Compared to the world, Thailand's sea is small but it portrays the uniqueness that is rarely found anywhere else.

"Thailand's coastal areas are split between the areas along the Gulf of Thailand (east and west) as part of the Pacific Ocean's Sounth China and the Andaman Sea which is part of the Indian Ocean. Thailand is where two oceans meet : one, the Pacific, is the world's biggest ocean and the other, the Indian ocean, is the world's smallest and least explored. Thailand thus boasts the uniqueness in terms of marine life. We are one of top 10 countries in the world with the highest diversity of marine life"

Compared to those of the Philippines, Maldives or Indonesia, our sea is of small size. We have about 900 islands, but there are 13,000 in Indonesia. Vietnam's coastal area is longer than ours.

taken while scuba diving at West Ridge of Koh Bon Island, Thailand.However, becuase the two oceans meet here gives ours a unique feature.

First of all, marine life of the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea are different in the eyes of the tourists.

source Photo:
takau99 , yaniverse

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