Koh Kham is a small island near Ko Mak, on Trat Province, Thailand. It can be reached with a sea kayak from Ko Mak or by walking during low tide. Ko Kham has nice places to snorkel, depending on the direction of wind. Especially the south beach has a calm sea, nice sand dune, black lava rocks with shells and crabs (or crayfishes or shellfishes). Near rocks, you may see (or swim over) black sea urchins that have 15-30 cm radius and many thin black pipes about 30-50 cm long (don’t know the name, help wanted). Locals say that the pipes contain small needles and poison: if one touches the pipes and gets the needles, the needle should be crushed with a rock. The poison is only irritating and not lethal. In Thai, the name is Hoi Ment.

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travelphilippines said... @ July 10, 2007 at 12:43 AM

wow this islands are great. i really would love to visit thailand sometimes

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