Parting Andaman Sea

ong time ago, I saw the movie
"The Ten Commandments" while I was young and the picture of Moses parting the red sea still in my mind. How he did that, may be my two sons want to know too, I think all of you knew it already.

"and the LORD told moses to lift up his rod and stretch his hand over the sea, and the LORD made a strong east wind blow, and the water of the sea divided all night long, till in the morning the bottom of the sea was dry ground, and the people of Israel went down to the dry ground, and there was a wall of water on their right side, and on their left side." Ummn.....

.....Last year I saw that particular picture again in a comedy movie, Jim Carrey played, Bruce Almighty, he did parting tomato soup ...!!Wow!!... At this time, I tell you, if you want to see the real picture of parting sea, come to Thailand, very close to Phi Phi islands

(read pee pee islands ... not fee fee islands or whatever you pronounce). In between koh tub and koh kai, when the tide drops down, it will create a wide and long landbridge or sandbridge as you saw in the movies.

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