Keepinga yacht in ThailandPhuket is undoubtedly one of the best sailing destinations in the world equal in beauty to the Mediterranean or Carribean. Yachts are warmly welcomed here, while zero import tax on boats ensures that Phuket is fast becoming a yachting hub in the region. Anyone may keep a private pleasure boat here, and many who are resident in other parts of Asia – and even further a-field – have recognised the advantages of having their own escape route moored a few minutes from an international airport, within easy distance of spectacular cruising waters. Imagine flying in and out as often time allows, to enjoy the marine wonderland of Thai waters.

Keepinga yacht in Thailand For those who want to bring their own yacht for an extended visit into Thai waters without importing it, a stay of up to one year is possible. Those wishing to leave their boat in Thailand, while returning home for a period of time, can do so.

And if you are looking to buy a new boat, the local option is brimming with new ideas and new designs – both local and international – together with an innate commitment to the highest quality.

For detailed information on yacht ownership or on leaving your yacht in Thailand, you should contact an established agent or yacht broker.

In addition the maintenance and running costs of boats are a more affordable option. For instance fuel in Thailand is 75% cheaper than in Europe and 60% cheaper than in Hong Kong. Maintaining a crew is 80% cheaper than Europe and 50% cheaper than in Hong Kong.

source Refernce : Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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